We are living in a world where our prayer lives have become more of "give me, give me, give me". We have people praying for cars, homes and more wealth. We have people praying for a lot of things but prayer hasn't become a lifestyle. It has become a 911. It has become the thing that allows you to get what you want when you need it. I know we live in a world with great millennials and they are doing great things. But even our millennials have to learn that everything is not at a push of a button, theres also a process. So I say to you as you read this book and understand the words of each page, as it speaks to your heart and mind, I want you to know that the process is just as important as the gift. Walk out the word. Understand the word. Let the spirit of God move on you and in you as you enter into this place. You'll understand we need a praying church. I know this book will be life changing, let's take this ride together.

We Need A Praying Church -Spanish Version

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