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 At the age of 18, God called Apostle Tony Luckett Sr. to go forward and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ near and abroad. Having been sent to the nations as an Apostolic voice in the Kingdom of God, he went forward determined and equipped to lay foundations. This dynamic leader and teacher work diligently to build the Kingdom while operating in the fivefold areas of ministry. Standing firmly on the precepts of the Word, his teachings are ordained to build up the believer to operate in the Kingdom of God effectively!
 He is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Family of Love International Christian Center in Houston, Texas. There the precepts of God’s unconditional love have been laid as the foundation for the ministry. The ministry has reached many for Christ and continues to bring a positive and powerful impact on the community. Apostle Luckett is supported by his wife, Prophetess Valencia B. Luckett who co-labors alongside him.
In addition to his role as Senior Pastor, Apostle Tony Luckett, Sr., serves as the Executive Apostle and Overseer of "Family of Love Fellowship of Churches", a family of churches and ministries whom he gives apostolic insight to. 

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Prophetess Valencia B. Luckett has been ordained and called by God to go ye forward and preach the Gospel to all nations...This Woman of God is a dynamic and innovative vessel of God… delivering the Word with clarity and boldness yet simplicity. 
Gentle yet bold in the power of God Prophetess Luckett has a mandated mission to seek that which is lost for Christ. Born and raised in a culturally diversified city, New Orleans, Louisiana. She has witnessed firsthand a multitude of trials and afflictions in life that women face daily both as believers and nonbelievers. Having experienced the pain and trauma of divorce, domestic violence, emotional abuse, physical and sexual abuse & single parenting she has triumphed through the adversities of her past... It was there that God began to reveal that He had a purpose for her life. Prophetess Luckett encountered God and His unconditional love. God began to give her beauty for the ashes of a painful past. Beauty for Ashes International Women's Ministry was birthed as God demonstrated and revealed that He desired to take her disappointments, pains and rejections of the past and restore unto her Beauty For Ashes. 
She works alongside her husband Apostle Tony Luckett, Sr. to build the kingdom of God. The powerful husband and wife ministerial team works diligently at Family of Love International Christian Center in Houston, Texas. 


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